Orange & Bronze Software Labs, Pty. Ltd.



Website development

Website development is a large part of the business dealing with web designers working on the back end and those that fit into the too hard basket for some web design companies.

The team that we use are senior developers and have had a lot of experience in both software development and Web development. We use templates when available and when not thats not possible we write from the ground up.

We keep the cost low because we are wholesale developers and develop for other software companies or web designers and normally not direct to the public.

We undertake all types of websites both complicated and basic and have advance developers using PHP, Flash, JAVA and .NET & can source quickly any other requirement.

We offer a swift and problem free service and all work is managed and quality controlled by the management.

Operations System Solutions

The consultancy side of the business is based on the bringing together of IT and opersations. We can evaluate the processes in the organisation and create IT solutions to improve them. The extensive experience with operations and IT makes us a viable choice to resolve issues that you may not even know about.

Web Applications and solutions

In addition to website, web application’s development is a another large part of the busines, we can look at your business processes and identify needs within your organisation and come up with solutions that will save Money / Time and give your company better visibility using the tools that we develop.

Software has been developed for

Hell Pizza which are based in New Zealand , Australia and Britain with 80+ restaurants. (Stock Ordering system)

Burger King New Zealand (Stock Ordering System, Customer Complaints System and Drive thru dashboard)